Our journey to creating this website all began with a love of wine and a global medical emergency that turned the world upside down. With everything up in the air, we were all put in the daunting position of having to hunker down and think on our feet. We chose to try and create an opportunity that would reach out to more people, sharing our passion for quality wine and spirits with anyone who might be interested, either academically or recreationally! One of the things our years of experience in the wine industry have taught us is that sometimes it can be a bit inaccessible - complicated labels, stuffy salesmen and a ton of information (or none!). We wanted to create an online shop that was simple, honest and direct - where it was possible to buy your favourites, discover some new ones and perhaps learn a little something along the way, but without being smacked over the head with it.

The initial website was put together in a space of three weeks (it felt longer!) to help us serve the customers that we could no longer see in person. Everything was done in-house and remotely (social distancing being all the rage), including all product photography and tasting notes. After it was up and running we realised that we didn’t want the website to just be a quick fix for a difficult time, but a permanent place for us to share what we’ve been busy doing for years here in Cornwall, with the rest of the country. A handful of expert team members, some proper elbow grease and a lot of trust - not to mention some fantastic design work from Kaye+Co. - has led to a shiny new Vino Direct that has everything you need to learn, discover and enjoy quality drinks at home.

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