The art of staying at home

During the strange course of the last few months, we found our eyes turning away from those trailing lines in the sky, left by planes travelling to sunny, far off places - and for a time those trails disappeared altogether. Instead we chose to look inward, initially to our own back gardens and then, as restrictions eased, to the rest of our beautiful country and everything it has to offer us. 

Staying at home for such extended periods of time has required a re-evaluation of how we make the most of our little piece of green (if we’re lucky enough to have one). Among us now are a plethora of budding gardeners, growing vegetables and herbs in an attempt to be more sustainable and ultimately, more satisfied.

The increasing affordability and accessibility of air travel led us to turn away from our own green pastures. England has more to offer than rainy days, soggy chips and childhood seaside memories (all of which carry a certain charm of their own!). There are so many ways to be more connected with the world - to feel more grounded. You don’t have to be on a walking holiday to appreciate a spectacular coastline. You can choose with care where to source your veg. Find out more about the animals you eat. 

It’s been an exciting time here in North Cornwall, where camp sites, vegetable and meat farmers (& wine shops!) have proven themselves agile in their ability to pivot and see to people’s changing needs. Nothing could please them more than watching people learn to love the land a little. 

These last few fractious months have given us an opportunity to look at where we live in a different way - our outside spaces seem shiny and new. We are slowly adopting a new outlook and a new lifestyle that will maybe - just maybe - rekindle a respect in us for what we have. There’s a chance you’ll see a lot more empty sun loungers round the Benidorm pool next year - not because people couldn’t go there, but because they chose not to. 

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